How do you repurpose your old LooHoos?

January 28, 2016 2 min read

At LooHoo headquarters, we are dedicated to helping the environment, and that means reducing waste. Many of our supporters feel the same way.

This month we asked our Facebook friends what they do with their old LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls. From toys for toddlers and pets to air fresheners, pin cushions and ornaments, the answers are downright creative.

Got Games?
“Fun to practice baseball with my son! We'll have to do a lot of practice before the season starts, too, since he broke his wrist the day after Christmas and it'll be only a week before evaluation when his cast comes off!”
—LaSha B.
Corinth, MI
“My oldest is attempting to learn to juggle, constantly taking balls and other small objects to practice. So old LooHoos would be great to help her!”
—Elizabeth P.
Butler, GA
“I have white ones and we used them for indoor snowball fights since we don't have snow here.”
—Nicole B.
Lahaina, HI

She’s Crafty
“I cover them with fabric and make a doll or some kind of a toy out of them.”
—Sue M.
“I repurpose them all sorts of ways. With finger paints they make neat textures.”
—Jenn B.
Millbrook, AL
“I make planets out of them to hang up.”
—Christine K.
“Decorations in a glass vase.”
– Rachel G.
Air Fresheners
“I repurpose them as a deodorizer with essential oils.”
—Holly B.
Ararat, VA
“I use them as air fresheners and put them in my dresser drawers to keep my clothes smelling nice.”
—Jessica B.

Therapy Balls
“I keep one by my recliner and put it between the back of the chair and the sore spot on my spine and minutely move it around to ease the pain.”
—SJ R.

“I place them in a bucket, cover it and let my baby drum away!”
—Desiree A.
Covina, CA


We had a lot of great suggestions from our wonderful community on what to do with your old LooHoos.  Which was your favorite from the list or did it spark a new idea?