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Why We Do It

We want everyone to be able to reduce harmful chemicals in their home in order to have a healthy home and a healthy family.
This challenge inspires us everyday and motivates us to make more LooHoos.


We hear time and time again, that our customers are now excited to do laundry and that LooHoos make them smile and happy
when the see them amongst their clean laundry.  That makes us smile and proud that LooHoo is helping to shift laundry
from a chore to a fun, and enjoyable experience.



Made with love in USA

LooHoo is proud to support our local economy by making all our wool dryer balls
right here in Maine, USA. LooHoos are produced using a unique manufacturing technique
that makes them so durable they will last for hundreds of loads.



Why American Wool

LooHoos are made entirely with 100% domestic wool. We’ve committed to using only US wool in order to support American Sheep Farms and the US Farming Industry. Our wool comes from sheep farmers that raise their sheep humanely.

Our wool is processed in a historic wool mill in central Maine. They have a strict policy that supports animal welfare standards and encourages and supports the farmers that they buy from to use best management practices as established by the USDA. 



Meet One of Our Sheep Farmers

If you’ve had a chance to spend time on a sheep farm, you’ll know how special these animals are. Paintbrush Farm (photo to right), is one farm in Maine that raises their sheep with love and respect.




    Our Commitment

        At LooHoo, our commitment is to the health of families everywhere,
        which is why we're a leader in our industry and help reduce the
        environmental impact of clothes dryers. We believe that anyone should
        be able to walk into their home and know that it’s free of harmful chemicals,
        and a healthy environment for you and your family to thrive.


        We select manufactures, suppliers, and partners that share similar core
        values to our company. We have the utmost respect for our customers
        and honor their needs while doing our best to help protect our environment.


        Sustainable practices are very important to us.  Our packaging is
        plastic-free and we strive to use recycled packaging, promotional and 
        shipping materials as much as possible.