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Change it Up

June 11, 2018 2 min read

Change it Up

Transform your laundry room with these cost-effective tips and create a tranquil space that invites you to linger a while.




I love my laundry room.


It’s a small space that’s more respite than utilitarian. Everything has a purpose and altogether creates an inviting place to wash and dry. That got me thinking, does everyone else enjoy their time in the laundry room? And if not, why not?


There are many things you can do to spruce things up. Let’s start with windows. In my laundry room, I hung a burlap valance that adds texture to the window without obscuring the view. All it takes is a lightweight rod and a window treatment—whether frilly or whimsical. If you’ve got a favorite fabric in your stash you could easily create your own.


Next I wanted to banish the unsightly washer and dryer plugs and plumbing. That wasn’t possible so I hung a short length of fabric from a tension rod instead to hide them. Want your washer and dryer completely out of sight? Hang a rod near the ceiling and no one will know what’s behind floor-length curtain No. 1.

To infuse some humor, I ordered a custom vinyl-cut decal online—Drop Your Pants Here—and positioned it above the window. There’s lots of others out there—The Laundry Room Where Normal is Just a Setting, Laundry…Get the Dirt Here and The Laundry Room Loads of Fun are just a few. Decals are made in any size and color and can include decorative swirls or images like socks or a clothesline. I’ve even seen floral decals added to washers and dryers.


Artwork is another effective way to personalize the space. I hung a series of nine small canvas etchings of European cities and a decorative tin wall hanging with a sweet quote about children. Pictures and photos are a great way to add color and create the look of a living space rather than a utility room.



Every laundry room is stocked with essentials—stain remover, cleaning supplies and, of course, LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls. Once I filled the cabinets with vases, towels and other household items, I was out of space. So I found a wire basket on a stand and positioned it under the folding table. There I store my essentials. And on top of the counter sits a large glass container filled with detergent. Presto—pretty and functional.


While some may dread it, I actually enjoy doing laundry. It’s a time of solitude when I zone out and focus on turning dirty loads into clean clothes and bedding for my family. To set the mood, it just takes a little fun music, podcast or audiobook so I have a small wireless speaker tucked in the corner.


What would it take to get you in the mood to do laundry?