College 101: Sustainable Products Every Student Needs

August 21, 2023 3 min read

College 101: Sustainable Products Every Student Needs

Millions of wide-eyed youth are heading to college this fall, excited for the unknown. They’ll be making many decisions on their own for the first time and adjusting to a space away from the comforts of home.


Good news for moms everywhere: They’ll also be doing their own laundry and cleaning.


A survey by the American Cleaning Institute and Wakefield Research reveals that 92 percent of college students feel healthier when their rooms are clean, and 70 percent say they plan to clean on their own when they get to college.



Promoting sustainability and healthy choices is important to most college students. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 91 percent of college students “agree their place of study should actively incorporate and promote sustainable development.”


Environmentally friendly products not only benefit the environment, they also contribute to our overall well-being. By incorporating sustainable items into their daily lives, college students can make conscious choices that positively impact their health and the environment. Small changes can add up and make a significant difference over time.


Before your college-bound launches into independence, now is a great time for parents to share tips for maintaining healthy living based on valuable lessons learned at home.



Help assemble a laundry basket full of green cleaning supplies to include all-natural laundry detergent and toxin-free spray cleaners like those from Rustic Strength.


Indoor plants, such as Boston Ferns, Spider Plants and chrysanthemums, help keep the air clean. If your college student is outdoors a lot, an aloe vera plant would purify the air and soothe a sunburn. Green thumbs will enjoy caring for an herb garden perfect for small spaces.


Energy-saving accessories include an LED desk lamp for studying and reading, solar-powered phone charger, wooden drying rack for air drying clothes and a power strip with surge protection.



One of the most exciting rituals leading up to college life is shopping. For many students, it will be their first time picking out linens and other essentials. These choices reflect their independence and personal style.


When purchasing bedding, pillows and towels, guide your kids toward natural materials—cotton, hemp, bamboo, wool, silk and linen. Discuss their amazing benefits such as moisture wicking and anti-bacterial qualities that will improve their overall well-being during the hours they'll spend wrapped in them.



When selecting the right shampoo, conditionerand soap for face and body,  conscientious shoppers go for ecofriendly packaging and products that are free of harsh ingredients.Go for bars over bottles to eliminate plastic containers.


Bamboo toothbrushes and zero-waste toothpaste and mouthwash tablets like those from Huppy and Dental Lace floss will also help cut down on plastic.



Stock the kitchen space with plastic-free food containers (opt for glass or stainless steel instead) and reusable basics like Stasher brand silicone storage bags, stainless steel tumblers and Swedish dish cloths.


A two-compartment trash can will encourage recycling, while water filters and stainless-steel straws reduce waste.



It doesn’t take a course in recycling to realize the benefits of second-hand over brand new clothing! Your kids will limit what goes into landfills and feel good about their extracurricular efforts.


While you’re out shopping, look for gently used backpacks or recycled bags. The popular Fjällräven Re-Kanken backpack comes in a polyester version made with 11 recycled plastic bottles. Good news for fashion mavens: The backpack comes in 12 color choices.



Coin-operated machines cost money—on average $2 to $4 per load. While some dorms may have facilities, the machines may be old and inefficient, taking an extra round or two of quarters to completely dry.


This is where LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls come in. If they’re good enough for your dryer, they’re even better for your college student who will earn high marks for replacing fabric softeners and dryer sheets with an all-natural alternative. Saving an average of 25 percent dry time with three to four LooHoos per cycle will put a few extra dollars in their pocket that can be used for late-night study session munchies!



Keep the car at home and encourage a healthy lifestyle. With most students living on or near campus, getting around on bike, public transportation or walking are A+ alternatives.