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Hold it Together!

August 13, 2021 2 min read

Hold it Together!

Several times a year, our offices are abuzz with excitement as we unveil our newest offering. LooHoo staff tests the item, plans social media spots and writes product descriptions for our website. Our customer response confirms “we’ve got it right,” and so far, the bags are getting rave reviews. 

LooHoo Laundry Bags aren’t meant for just dirty clothes. The durable (and 100 percent natural!) linen/cotton-blend fabric and convenient size mean endless ways to utilize the bags in and out of the home.



In the Car

• Stash your workout gear in the LH Laundry Bag and you’re ready to hit the gym anytime.

• Reusable bags are great for the environment, but when they’re loose in the car they can be a nuisance. The solution? Tuck your grocery or tote bags inside a colorful LH Laundry Bag.

• Road trip! If your kids are like ours, they get restless and hungry in the car. Be prepared with snacks and games at the ready for these inevitable moments. 



Around the Home

• Dogs and cats just love to play! They also like to leave their toys strewn about, which can drive pet owners crazy. Store animal playthings—including the LooHoo Wooly Tug Toy!—in one place and your floors will be clutter free.

• Missing a sock? Keep singles together and when you have a moment sort through the LH Laundry Bag to marry its match.

• You may not have a craft closet or sewing station, but you can keep all your supplies together in the LH Laundry Bag.  




Out & About

• From the lake and beach to the mountains and desert, don’t forget to bring along a LH Laundry Bag. There’s enough space to fit a change of clothes or bathing suit and towel. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

• Bring a LH Laundry Bag on your next trip to the farmers market and easily tote fresh fruit and vegetables all the way home.

• Ever struggle with deciphering which clothes are soiled when travelling? Pack a LH Laundry Bag and skip the guessing game.