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PeaceFelts: 8 ways to naturally benefit from our newest release

July 31, 2017 3 min read

PeaceFelts: 8 ways to naturally benefit from our newest release

Ever since we unveiled our PeaceFelt Collection, the response has been overwhelming. Everyone loves the look and feel of these felted wool rings, but some are wondering: Just what can we do with them?




Our response? Just about anything! But first, sprinkle on a few drops of 100 percent pure essential oil in your favorite scent. Then check out a few of our favorite uses:        


Freshen Drawers. Any of our Peacefelt rings will do the job, but the neutral-hued Mindful ring will fit right in with any mix of hues.


Hang It. PeaceFelt rings are a natural way to infuse scent into a room or closet, one of their most popular uses. Simply hang from a hook, door, drawer knob or even a bedpost and enjoy.




Style It. Add a ring to a dish of potpourri or an apothecary jar of shells. The Seaglass PeaceFelt, offered during the summer months only, would look right at home among a grouping of frosted sea glass. The Summer ring, also a limited release, reflects the rich, flowery blooms of the season.


Get into Gear. No matter what you do, your car will never smell like a pine tree, coconut or a new car. Rather than an artificially scented hangtag, freshen your car naturally with a PeaceFelt ring and a favorite scent.


Calming Baby. Experts believe aromatherapy can encourage calmness and relaxation and improve sleep and we agree. Soothe your newborn with the Love ring sprinkled with an essential oil such as lavender or Roman chamomile.


Meditation Aid. The folk practice of gently rubbing stones has proven to help self soothe. Experience similar therapeutic benefits with a PeaceFelt ring. The vibrant colors of the Hope ring were chosen toinspire optimism and creative possibilities, making it an ideal choice.



Wear It. There’s nothing more relaxing than the great outdoors. The Earth ring is a reminder of nature’s hues especially when worn around the wrist. In fact,green is believed to hold great healing power and blue benefits the mind and body.


Work Mate. The Joy PeaceFelt is a great choice for an office desk drawer or desktop. The bursts of color amid the soothing creams add a hint of color without drawing much attention.



Oil Up!

PeaceFelts aren’t just a pretty ring of wool stones. With the right essential oil, you can calm a worried mind, lift your spirits or simply freshen a room.  


While you can add just about any essence to our PeaceFelt rings, we recommend using 100 percent pure essential oils (as opposed to aroma-grade or fragrance-grade oils). Essential oil enthusiast Marcie Howard suggests the following Young Living oils:


 PeaceFelt Ring Essential Oil Benefit
Joy Joy

This obvious choice would lift your emotions and bring joy to your day!

Seaglass Stress Away

Because we all know the effort it takes to get to the beach!

Summer Orange, peppermint

To keep spirits uplifted and bellies calm.

Earth Pine

To help you de-stress and rejuvenate.

Love Abundance

This oil helps us get back what we put out. Be loving and you'll get love back—in abundance!

Serene Bergamot, lime

For their calming, centering and stress-reducing properties.

Cedarwood, Lavender and Vetiver

To bring things into focus so you can be in the moment and very mindful of each thing you do.

Frankincense, German chamomile, Ginger

To stay centered in mediation, to dispel anger and to promote confidence.

Unity Harmony To create spiritual and emotional harmony by bringing about a harmonic balance to the chakras allowing us to relax and feel safe and secure.