What Sort of Laundry Maven are You?

April 02, 2018 2 min read

What Sort of Laundry Maven are You?


Some enjoy it, others avoid it. Yet, we all have to do it.




See? Either you nodded in agreement or rolled your eyes and sighed.



So fess up—do you wait until the bitter end, when you absolutely have nothing to wear? Do you wash, rinse and dry only when you have a particular pair of jeans you’re dying to wear? Or are you on top of your game and rarely have a full hamper?


Read on and see which Laundry Lady you identify with.


Last-Minute Louise

There it is. Again. A drawer without clean underwear or a pair of socks. After all, who has three weeks’ worth of the goods? Laundry comes around all too often for Louise. It’s only when washing some essentials is absolutely necessary that Louise tends to the beckoning chore at hand.


Weekend Wanda

Wanda the weekend warrior makes laundry a top priority—Saturdays and Sundays. Typically early in the morning, she empties her laundry basket right into the washer and gets to work. One, two, three loads—it doesn’t matter. She folds, she puts clothes away, and she gets it done before Monday.


Daily Diane

There’s a Diane in all of us. The question is, does she get out much? Diane cannot live with an overflowing laundry basket. She needs to empty it. Or, she wears the same favorite shirts, jeans or whatever on a regular basis. She enjoys doing laundry regularly and loves an empty basket even more.


Let-it-Mound Marie

Sure, Marie washes. But does she put away her laundry once it’s out of the dryer? No. Marie is the eternal procrastinator. She may need one or two items washed so she plucks those out of the dried load and leaves the rest in a pile on the dryer, guestroom bed or wherever the clothes can remain out of sight.


One-Two Tandy

Tandy isn’t much for the environment and saving water. She washes only when she needs to, and that usually means a couple of items at a time.


We'd love to hear from you. What sort of Laundry Maven are You?