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Weekend Warrior

April 27, 2016 2 min read

Weekend Warrior

An hour of effort can lead to a better world. Check out 5 things you can do to take care of the earth.

We are all called to do our share to help the environment. Some eat organic. Others participate in community clean ups. Most of us recycle.

There are so many wonderful ways to care for our planet. Here are a few that take little effort—and even better—very little time, yet make a (better) world of difference.


Get the Hang of It

The dry cleaning industry goes through about 3.5 billion wire hangers a year. That’s about 200 million pounds of steel dumped in landfills. Rather than toss them, return wire hangers to your local dry cleaner. More businesses are recycling hangers these days so make sure yours does. This sort of commerce makes eco-sense and should be rewarded with our business.


Plant a Seed

Or better yet, plant a small tree. Trees provide many benefits to the environment. They help reduce climate change,  improve air quality and produce oxygen. Once matured, they also provide shade and a cool spot to hang out. Be sure to check with your city hall. Many cities like Los Angeles have free tree programs for local residents and businesses.


Take a Hike

Exercise does a body good and can lead to a cleaner environment. On your next hike or walk, take a trash bag and disposable gloves so you can pick up trash along the way. Bring a friend or invite the whole family—you’ll teach your kids a valuable life lesson.


Get Dirty

Reduce what goes into your trash and ends up in landfills by turning organic kitchen scraps and grass clippings into compost. All you need is a designated container and easy instructions (there’s plenty online). Composting is great for the earth and will help you save money on fertilizer, pest control and watering.


Bright Idea

Really short on time but want to do your part? Turn off unnecessary lights and install energy-efficient LED or compact fluorescent bulbs. According to some reports, lighting can make up 25 percent of energy consumption in the home. In the laundry room, cut down dryer time and replace toxic dryer sheets that are harmful to the environment with LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls.

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