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Houseplants to improve indoor air quality

January 23, 2015 1 min read

According to a study commissioned by NASA, houseplants don’t just make your home look prettier and more welcoming; they also serve to clean the air of common toxins including benzene, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Sources of these toxins include oils, paints, plastics, tobacco smoke, foam insulation and pressed wood products such as flooring, cabinets and furniture.


The top ten air purifying plants are listed below. For maximum effectiveness, a home or office should have one potted plant per 100 square feet.


Bamboo Palm


Chinese Evergreen

English Ivy

Gerbera Daisy

Janet Craig/Dracaena


Mass Cane/Corn Plant

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Pot Mum/Chrysanthemum

Peace Lily





Guest Post by Heather Chandler, the owner of the SunriseGuide, Maine’s source for health & sustainability news, events, resources and deals. The SunriseGuide, an annual resource guide & coupon book that connects Maine residents with businesses offering green & healthy products; and the Green & Healthy Maine magazine.

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