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Straight from the Heart

February 07, 2015 1 min read

February is Valentine’s Day, a month that reminds us to shower our greatest loves with affection. It’s so important to our overall well being to feel loved and also to share those feelings with others.


This month, forget the bouquets and big boxes of chocolates; small acts of kindness are often the best way to make those dear to us feel special.


Whether it’s your kindergartener or your husband or boyfriend, a simple gesture goes a long way. And when it’s hand crafted, they’ll know it’s from the heart.


When making lunches this month, get out your cookie cutters and create a heart-shaped sandwich. If you’ve got some extra time, whip up a batch of brownies or chocolate chip cookies and do the same. It’s a sweet treat that will make them smile.


If your little loves are a bit older, send them off to school with a love note in their backpack. Your spouse will enjoy the same sentiment, especially during a tough day at work.


A heart-shaped cake or boxes of homemade treats can bring great cheer. Maybe it’s not a favorite holiday for some, but a gift from a treasured friend could change that.


Teachers, neighbors and even strangers would also appreciate a little something on Valentine’s Day. Get the kids involved making love notes to pass out. As the Beatles so wonderfully reminded us in song, “All You Need is Love.”


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