Living Life to the Greenest: Eating Green

March 10, 2015 2 min read

This is the second in a three-part blog series this month devoted to living life to the greenest.

I’ve never met a vegetable I didn’t like. Asparagus, peas, broccoli, you name it—if it grows in the ground I’m happy to eat it.

Recently I found a way to introduce kale into my diet: juicing. Pulverized with half a lemon, half an apple, a small orange and a chunk of ginger root, kale has become palatable.


I consider this an accomplishment because I’ve never been able to stomach this leafy green even though kale is loaded with vitamin C, an antioxidant known to reduce heart disease. It also helps fight cancer and strengthen bones.


Here are 5 more delicious green vegetables that offer great benefits:


Lettuce: Comprised mostly of water, iceberg lettuce offers minimal nutritious value. Significantly healthier alternatives include spinach, red and green leaf and romaine lettuce. Remember, the darker the lettuce, the more nutrients it has.


Avocados: Yes, it’s true; guacamole is healthy. Avocados help lower cholesterol and are rich in vitamin E.


Brussels sprouts: Try roasting these beauties and you’ll benefit from vitamins A and C. They can also stabilize your blood pressure and help fight heart disease.


String beans: These veggies are loaded with fiber, which can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Sautee them with olive oil and sliced red onions and add salt and fresh ground pepper to taste, and you’ll discover a new favorite side dish.


Edamame: A great source of protein, these soybeans also help reduce cholesterol. Just watch the salt!


Care to share? Post your favorite green vegetable and how you like eat it below.

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