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Love you Bunches

May 04, 2015 2 min read

I love my kids’ gifts. Cards with stick figures, painted rocks, foam flowers—I keep them all. I love them because they made them.



That got me thinking. With Mother’s Day coming up, what if I made something for my mom? Forget the perfume and slippers; what she really wants is not what she needs. She prefers thought over store bought, and you can’t buy sentimental.


Check out these unique homemade gift ideas just in time for Mother’s Day.

  • Farmers Fresh: Pick up a fresh bouquet or two of mom’s favorite flowers. Plants are also a great idea. If you don’t have a spare pot, tuck the plant in a decorative box and tie with a bright bow. For a Zen look, layer 2-3 different sizes of pebbles in a glass jar with a succulent in the middle.


  • Say Cheese. Sure your mom has photos of your kids, but are they recent? You don’t need a professional to snap some candids of your family, just a willing subject with a decent camera. Take your favorite and frame it, turn it into a keychain or use it to create stationery.


  • Can It. From salt scrubs and organic lotions to cookie mixes and favorite nuts, there are countless ideas for container gifts. Choose a mason jar or other glass container to show of its contents and complete the look with pretty ribbon and a snazzy personalized label.

  • Novel Idea. Take your mom on a visual tour of her life with anecdotes, fond memories and photos dating as far back as you can find thoughtfully assembled in a personalized photo book.


  • Favorite Things. “The Sound of Music” movie, ABBA’s top hits, See’s Candies Toffee-ettes and definitely LooHoos. A basket with a few of my mom’s favorite things would definitely contain these. When it comes to all-natural laundry cleaning, Mom knows best. That’s why I use the wool dryer balls, too.


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Marlene Adams
Marlene Adams

May 14, 2015

I love your wool dryer balls. A great addition to our laundry routine. I would love to try the expz products.

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