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Redefining Clean

June 15, 2015 2 min read

Growing up in the ‘70s, almost every backyard had a clothesline. Fresh sheets would sway in the breeze, drying naturally under the hot sun. They came out brilliantly white and smelled clean as a whistle thanks to the bleach added to the wash.


It’s funny to look back at how we defined “clean” scents. Bleach was actually, in my youth, used just about everywhere to clean just about anything.




Dryer sheets helped reduce static cling and soften already-soft fabrics. They also disseminated harmful perfumes that stick to our clothes and bodies and the air we breathe—and still do.


Powerful detergents promised to get the stains out while filling the room with heady man-made scents that have proven to adversely affect our health.


Boy, have times changed.


The chemicals and toxins we inhaled, ingested and absorbed into our skin have been replaced with all-natural alternatives that clean just as vigorously as what mom used. This is great news for the environment, waterways and our overall health.


Today there is chlorine-free bleach. Dish soap, hand soap and all-purpose cleaners are available in a medley of citrus notes, from tangerine to lemon to grapefruit. There’s basil toilet bowl cleaner, and lavender infused into just about every cleaning product imaginable. There are cleaning wipes that smell of water lilies. Who knows what that smells like, but it sounds good.


All-natural is a trend that’s here to stay. The market and demand for “green” products continues to grow. Search online and you’ll find an infinite number of recipes for concocting your own natural household cleaning products. Mommy blogs and eco-friendly sites dominate the Internet with advice for living green.


Today you have a choice of what goes into the cleaners you use. So hop on board and enjoy a healthier lifestyle and redefine clean.


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