Learn to Make Natural Dog Treats

August 12, 2015 4 min read

We're so excited to introduce you to Carolina, a super-talented Natural Dog Wellness Coach. Be sure to leave a comment below for a chance to win a call with Carolina plus more!


Hello to the amazing LooHoo Community! My name is Carolina Velasquez-Gomez, CEO and Founder of The Best Dog Life. As a Natural Dog Wellness Coach, I work with amazing Dog Lovers all around the world helping them kickstart a beautiful, healthy nourishing life their dogs will love to live in. By teaching them the fundamentals on how to give their furry love a natural way of life, and how to make conscious decisions for their precious dog’s lifestyle, so they can help their dog’s live many healthy tail-wagging days with them.

My Natural Dog Wellness journey started 8 years ago when a furry little guy with paws entered my life and changed it “furever”, we both say it was “love at first wag.”


Danger was a playful, sweet 10-week old Puggle (Pug-Beagle Mix) I rescued from a Houston Animal Shelter. I was very excited for my 1st dog ever but at the same time nervous as I realized the additional responsibility I was adding to my plate, all decisions I made for him would effect his way of living.


So from day one I started researching intensively hundreds of Dog health and wellness articles, sites, books, magazines, even attended seminars dedicated on how to keep your pup healthy and happy ensuring they lived past their expected lifespan. I have loved every aspect of learning all this Dog wellness care wisdom, having the amazing opportunity to share it with others is beyond rewarding.


I tell my clients, being a conscious pet parent is not always easy, reading product labels, knowing what chemicals are dangerous for our dog’s health, making sure they are staying fit and healthy is a lot to juggle at times, however knowing the long-term benefits of your decisions are going to help your furry best friend live a couple more years with you, it makes it all worth it.


For this reason, we love to use our LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls at The Best Dog Life Headquarters. Through the research I had done over the years, I have read how dryer sheets are listed as one of the most toxic house cleaning products you could have in your home. The harsh synthetic chemicals used to add fragrance to the sheets to be transferred to the our drying items is very scary, especially since we wash our dog’s stuffed animal toys and their pet beds.



I have always looked for ways to use natural products for our pups when possible, and when we found LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls, we thought this was perfect! What we love the most aside from being all natural wool, you can add essential oils to them to add natural fragrance to their washed toys and their beds. It’s soo adorable when we wash their beds and use the LooHoo Wool Dryer balls with Lavender Oil. They go to lay in their beds, they take a deep sniff and start to fall asleep, since Lavender Oil is a natural calming solution for dogs. We love how this fits perfectly with the lifestyle we want to give our dogs, keeping them safe and healthy from harsh chemicals.


Another important lesson I go over with dog pet parents is the significance of giving our dog’s a hearty nourishing nutrition, incorporating natural fruits and vegetables when possible, with recent recalls in the Dog Food Industry, it’s getting scarier and scarier every day to buy store-bought treats or food without being worried if the product will be part of a bacteria recall. With a little of prepping at the beginning of the week and knowing what are dog-friendly ingredients you can use, in a matter of minutes you can make homemade dog treats that will help you use up those ripe bananas that need to be used asap before they go bad. Just imagine the peace of mind you and your dog will have to know what natural ingredients you used for their dog treats you made with love at home.



I have good news for the LooHoo Community, on Monday, August 17 I’m hosting a free online 14-day Easy DIY Natural Dog Treats Challenge, and the best news aside from making easy, yummy dog treats at home, these recipes require no cooking, it’s just blending, stirring, mixing dog-friendly ingredients together to make “Bark-licious” treats for your pup. We will have weekly shopping lists to prepare for the week recipes, along with fun tips on how to get the kids to help you during the challenge, and the benefits of using fruits and vegetables for doggy treats. Please join us for our DIY challenge, it’s going to be lots of fun, you will learn how to make easy dog treats at home, and it can also be a great summer activity to do with the kids. Visit http://bit.ly/1DwWmEE to sign up! We are eager to meet you and your pups!


For more information about us, The Best Dog Life, visit www.thebestdoglife.com Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Bonus: In honor of this guest post, Carolina is giving away a FREE 45 minute 1-1 call where she can help you with a healthy dog nutrition. We'll choose one winner from the comments below.

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