5 Ways to Fight Pollen Naturally

July 12, 2016 2 min read

5 Ways to Fight Pollen Naturally


I just spent a glorious weekend by the water. The air was clean and crisp and Mother Nature was her welcoming self.



It wasn’t long after I returned home that I began to sneeze. My eyes started to water. Soon my nose was running and my throat had developed an itch. Ah, those darn allergies.



I try to avoid pollen as much as possible—naturally. Over the years I have discovered many ways to achieve this. While spring tends to produce the greatest levels, pollen exists in just about any warm, dry weather, especially in the mornings.


If you, too, are affected by pollen, check out these suggestions for reducing the pollen in your home.


1.     Dry Inside. Line drying may be great for the environment but it can aggravate your allergies. Sheets, clothing and anything else left outside to dry can retain pollen that will make its way into your home. You can still reduce dryer usage—simply set up a drying rack indoors.


2.     Food for Thought: According to Mother Nature Network, ingesting food like onions, Vitamin C (oranges are a great source!) and garlic can help fight pollen.


3.     Shut it Out: Remember, pollen travels easily. If pollen is driving you crazy, shut your windows and turn on your air purifier or air conditioning to capture airborne pollen. Also, remember to change air filters regularly.


4.     Keep it Clean: Dust regularly with a microfiber cloth or slightly damp rag. Don’t forget hard-to-reach areas like shelf tops and ceiling fans. Pollen oftentimes settles on the floor so be sure to give yours a good scrub. The best way to avoid pollen is to remove what’s made its way into your home.


5.     Wash and Dry: If you’ve been outside for long periods of time, jump in the shower and wash that pollen right out of your hair. Pollen stays on clothes so you’ll want to wash yours too.


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