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6 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

July 13, 2022 2 min read

6 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

As we settle into the lazy days of summer and warm afternoons fade into cooler evenings, our outdoor spaces are beckoning us. 


This is an ideal time to rethink our choice of outdoor accessories that can impact the environment long-term. Plastic, for example, is commonplace. Most bug sprays contain chemicals that are released into the air. Plug-in lights zap energy resources. 


For those committed to a sustainable lifestyle—or anyone interested in making environmentally friendly changes—going green outdoors can be as easy as the changes we make indoors. Just think sustainable and energy efficient and eliminate plastic and toxic ingredients. To help you get started, check out these eco-friendly ideas.


Night Lights

Nothing sets the mood like the right lighting. From pathway lights to lanterns to string lights, solar eliminates the need for batteries and adapters that eventually end up in landfills. Luci Solar String Lights from MPowerd are perfectly portable.



Compostable Cutlery

Set your patio table with bamboo utensils—they’re reusable, sustainable and durable, and help reduce plastic in our oceans. Poketo has fanciful bamboo cups, plates, bowls, coasters and straws in bright colors.


Clean Repellent

Keep the mosquitoes, ticks and flies away with spray that’s made with all-natural ingredients—citronella, lemongrass, cedar and rosemary—from Good Natured Brand. This effective alternative to bug sprays made with chemicals is made by moms in Maine, so it’s got to be good (and safe!).


Campfire in a Can

Filled with wax and peat moss in recyclable steel containers, Tree Free Fire portable campfires measuring 4” x 2.5” are perfect for small spaces and impromptu gatherings. No wood required.



Smart Idea

This innovative planter isn’t just for those with a tendency to overwater. Originally developed for commercial tree growers, the Smart Pot fabric planter effectively aerates trees and flowers, resulting in stronger roots and healthier plants.



Art Underfoot

Outdoor rugs are great. They prevent slips, protect flooring and cozy up outdoor spaces. Instead of plastic (polypropylene, polyester, nylon) or plastic-backed rugs, consider rugs made with recycled materials or natural, sustainable fibers such as jute, hemp or sisal or recycled materials like L.L.Bean’s Waterhog doormat.

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