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Box Play

October 28, 2015 2 min read

As adults, we’re often told to “think outside the box.” Maybe it’s to find a resolution at work or in our personal lives.


Funny thing is, the answer is often a simple one. Our kids remind us of this all of the time. 



For example, when a package is delivered, my son immediately wants to see what’s inside. He’s also the last to get rid of the cardboard box. He makes forts with the big ones and houses for his mini Lego guys with the small ones.


So that got me thinking, with my online holiday shopping about to kick into high gear, there’s creative inspiration on the way. Check out these great ways to reuse, recycle and have fun.









Large: Forts & Storefronts

Forget a tent, they’re so yesterday. Creating a tunnel or secret hideout with a big box is all the rage (at least in my house). Boxes can be scribbled on, painted and adorned with stickers. Shapes can be cut out to create portholes.

Cardboard boxes can become an elaborate castle or simple playhouse. Several boxes together can create a multi-unit dwelling.

Or completely transform the box into a new shape like a car, boat, storefront or puppet stage.


Medium: Dioramas
Dioramas date back to the 1880s. They are small-scale replicas, typically of historical scenes. But in today’s world, the scene can be anything your little one can imagine.

A shoebox is the perfect size for creating a miniature world. Grass, pebbles and carpet scraps are great for the flooring. Pieces of fabric can be cut and glued for curtains. And those small figures hiding under the couch and at the bottom of toy bins? Everyone has them; here’s a great way to use them.

Small: Gifts & Games
Even little boxes can serve a purpose. Let your kids pick out one of their favorite small toys and wrap it for each other or a close friend. You’ll teach your child to share and also the art of giving.

A small box also makes a great toss game (just need a ball or bag of beans), catchall for treasures found in the garden and even a bank for coins.


We'd love to see pictures of Box Play in your house?  Please comment below and post photos on social media.


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October 30, 2015

Yes, I have a lot of fond memories fantastic houses and forts. Back in the day, just drawing windows and other details with a crayon was all I needed. Makes you wonder if today’s children will ever have fond memories of video games. There’s definitely no comparison for using simple things in creative ways.

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