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Give Thanks

November 04, 2015 2 min read

To me, a happy Thanksgiving is a full stomach and a big smile. And I love to facilitate both. My workshop? The kitchen, of course.

It is incredibly satisfying to be able to cook a good meal and bake a delicious dessert to follow. From hunting for the perfect recipe to collecting the ingredients and getting my hands messy putting it all together, I enjoy the entire process that culminates in a table bustling with conversation. If all goes well, there’s little left on the plates.

That’s my No. 1 way to express my gratitude for family and friends. Here are a few more small gestures with big results:

Say It
Remember to say thank you, even for the everyday things. You may expect the kids to pick up their clothes or your husband to take out the trash, but show them you appreciate it. This season is also the perfect time to catch up on thank you notes. Forget email; deliver straight from the heart with your own handwriting.


Do It
Sometimes we forget to smile, to laugh, to give eye contact. Make time to do all three—you’ll be surprised at what you get back. It’s contagious.

Write It
Imagine your child’s smile when he opens his lunch and finds more than just a peanut butter sandwich. Writing a note that says “I Love You” isn’t just for little ones—surprise your husband with the hand-written sentiment in his briefcase as well.

Set It
Whether it’s a fragrant flower or a small bar of beautifully wrapped all-natural soap, pamper your guests with a little extra something at your Thanksgiving table this year. The thoughtful gesture can also serve double duty as a place card to designate seating assignments. Just print out names in beautiful lettering on cardstock and cut out with decorative-edge scissors.

What ways do you like to give thanks? Share with us below.


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Catherine Griffin
Catherine Griffin

November 28, 2015

For so many of us, Thanksgiving offers an opportunity to slow down. I love that this happens naturally as we gather together and, in the space created by this “slowing”, I often find myself thinking of people who have few family members or friends to spend time with. Like you, I’m deeply grateful for my community of friends and that I have wonderful relationships with my family members. It takes work to be a good friend, mother, daughter, wife, sister and I know that every ounce of effort I put forth is met with a deeper gratitude that I am able to connect with people.

Thanks for these reminders, Cyndi!

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