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Naturally in Bloom

January 20, 2016 2 min read

Naturally in Bloom

Retailer Spotlight - Junque in Bloom

Jacque Reeves lives life naturally. She cooks organic and buys local. She’s particular about what cleaning products she uses in her home and the companies she buys from.


So when she quit her career as a computer software consultant a couple of years ago, she asked herself: How can I be my own boss, support American commerce and help the environment?


The answer led to a retail store in Bend, Oregon that opened in July 2015. Junque in Bloom sells upcycled and custom furniture and hosts DIY classes. They also carry unique items for the home that are—you guessed it—made in the U.S.A.


While she started her venture enthusiastically, pursuing her mission proved difficult. She searched relentlessly and her efforts paid off. One of her treasured finds is Maine-based LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls.


Last fall, Reeves came upon LooHoos while shopping out of town. The dryer balls were environmentally friendly and a natural alternative to toxic dryer sheets. “Are these for real?" Reeves says she asked herself.


She did her research and found the reviews overwhelmingly positive. She placed two orders—one for her store, the other for her home. Before long, Reeves became a retailer and a customer.


At Junque in Bloom, LooHoos “flew out the door,” Reeves says, especially during the holidays. She has since placed two additional orders. She carries three-packs of LooHoos in a variety of colors and the single dryer balls she creatively packages herself.
Reeves says she enjoys talking to customers about LooHoos and their organic benefits. She encourages her customers to take away LooHoo brochures in an effort to spread the word about the product she supports.


“I don’t sell anything I don’t feel good about,” Reeves says. “LooHoos are different, unique and they work.”


You can check out Junque in Bloom at


3 Responses

Jennifer Wright
Jennifer Wright

April 12, 2016

They have such fun pretty colors! Love using our wool dryer balls to soften our clothes!

Erin Campbell
Erin Campbell

April 11, 2016

The wool dryer balls look awesome! I hope to try one out soon!!!!


January 21, 2016

We like to vacation in Bend. We will stop in next time we are there.

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