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Pursuit of Happiness

February 17, 2016 3 min read

Hectic schedules. Looming deadlines. Calls, email and texts to return. And don’t forget the chores and errands.



Countless demands can prevent us from focusing on what is most important in our lives: family. If the love runs deep, then why the struggle?


After all, everything we do is for them. Yet sometimes they are the last to receive our attention.


My parents live in Canada, so we commit to visiting twice a year. While a 16-hour drive may sound long, a recent road trip was a blast for my family of three. No complaining from my 6-year-old!


At home, the weekends are just for my son and husband. We visit nearby museums or go out for lunch. We cook together and play board games—without distractions. As the proprietor of LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls, bringing work home can be tempting but weekends I unplug and tune out.


While I focus on my relationship with my son, the connection with my husband also needs nurturing. We are a family of three and especially close. We love spending time together and genuinely enjoy each other’s company.


I have found that many in the LooHoo community share the same pursuit of happiness. Here is how they maintain and improve their treasured relationships.


“We have one-on-one dates. My oldest is almost 9 and his siblings are much younger and take up a lot of my time so once a week we do Mommy & Adam Day with just us doing what he wants.”

- Amanda S.


“We have a rule in our house: When my toddler asks for dance time (one of his favorite activities), there is nothing too important and we drop everything and dance with him.”

- Ashley H.


“I write notecards; it makes people feel appreciated. Sometimes I think I am single-handedly keeping the post office in business.”

Amanda E.– Hagerstown, Maryland


“Listening is the key to all relationships, young and old.”

Renee R. – Baltimore, Maryland


“As my 11-year-old gets older and depends on me less, I love taking her along on short car rides to a store or whatnot just to chitchat. I learn a lot about her this way.”

Ashli B.


“We take time to do things with each child they love to do, giving them individual time with us. My oldest loves to garden, do woodwork with her daddy and play video games. Our youngest likes to craft and draw mostly. Spending quality time with them allows them to grow as individuals, as well as strengthen our bonds.”

—Elizabeth P. – Fort Hood, TX


“Lots of snuggles!”

- Bethany S.


“A good meal always brings people together. We talk, we stay away from our phones and we laugh. An engaging meal is one if the best tools to maintain relationships.”

—Chantelle M.– Scarborough, Toronto


I plan special trips with each of my littles so they don't ever feel left out. My hubby and I have date night once a week even if it is a movie in and to-go order from a nice restaurant.”

—Christina M.– Chattanooga TN


We take time every day to do something together such as play outside, do puzzles or read books.”

—Delynn K.– Livingston, MT


“Spending as much time with my son as possible. We all live busy lives but if we don't take time out to enjoy our loved ones and make memories we will never be able to get it back.”

- Brittany W.


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