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Balancing Family & Fortune

May 18, 2019 3 min read

Balancing Family & Fortune
Entrepreneur, bestselling author and mother Kate Northrup shows working women around the world how to work less, focus more on what matters.


Kate Northrup was raised by a mother focused on women’s empowerment. She taught her daughter true health is born out of balance in life, and to let go of the pursuit of perfection.


In 2005, the Maine native graduated with a degree in History of Art & Architecture. Kate jumped into the direct selling industry with a nutrition company. But she envisioned more. She wanted to own a company and, one day, have the flexibility to stay home with a family she had yet to start. 


Eventually Kate discovered she had a message to share. She went online and connected with other women, offering time and energy management courses. 


“I saw at an early age how important my mom’s work was, so I essentially decided to go into the ‘family business’ as it were,” says Kate, referring to Dr. Christiane Northrup, a pioneer in the field of women’s health and wellness. “I also loved the book Half the Sky and the data it presents on how investing in women and girls truly makes everything better for everyone, so that’s what I want to be a part of.”


Kate inspired, women listened. And the results haven’t stopped.


Today, the self-proclaimed “curator of the wisdom and inspiration available on the planet” is spreading her knowledge globally through her multimedia digital empire designed to support entrepreneurial women in their quest for success without sacrificing their relationships—or their health.


In 2017 she launched Origin Collective, an international community of women who receive online content focused on “strategies, insight and inspiration you need to grow and thrive.”



In April, she released her second book, Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms. She’s also teamed with husband and business coach Mike Watts to outline work and personal development strategies during their weekly podcast.


“He’s my secret weapon,” confides Kate, now a mother of two. 


Recently Kate stole a few moments away from her computer to share some of her tips for reclaiming time, reducing stress and nourishing productivity.


According to your book, what “tools” do women need to increase their time?

Do Less is really about tapping into the blueprint of our bodies, the very things that keep us alive without us even thinking about it, and in some cases, grow as humans and guide us in our work and creativity. When we access the renewable energy and sources of power already running strong within us and follow their natural ebbs and flows, we end up having plenty of time for everything that matters and plenty of energy, too.


Your No. 1 advice?

Listen to your body. Give her what she’s asking for. When you do that, she’ll make sure you get everything you need. “Body first. Business second.”


Most women can identify with the struggles outlined on your website. What are two doable changes a working mother can implement with the greatest impact?

Figure out which of the 20 percent of your activities lead to 80 percent of your results (this is Pareto's Principle and it applies to all careers). Then over time move toward more of your time and energy being spent on the 20 percent and less and less on the rest. Second? Prioritize sleep. It makes you smarter, more effective, healthier and more energized. When you get enough sleep, everything is better and you get way more done in less time.


A favorite success story?

One of our members is a homeschooling mother of five who runs a company with her husband. She was overworked, felt disconnected from her marriage and was super stressed out when she joined our membership. Through implementing our practices around time and energy management she was able to reduce to 12 hours of work in her business a week while making more revenue than ever, and, more importantly, she took her first kid-free vacation with her husband in 15 years and her marriage is the most fun it has ever been.


You have testimonials from some notable women. How did word of Do Less spread?

My special sauce has always been connecting with people so I was able to source endorsements based on years of building solid relationships with women I love and admire.


If you start to drift off course, how do you refocus?

I sit in my closet and breathe. Seriously. It's a go-to!


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