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Cheers to Dad

June 16, 2017 2 min read

Cheers to Dad
There’s something special about watching my husband be a father; it makes me love him more. He teaches, he cares for and he loves—and to witness that is a beautiful thing.



In honor of Father’s Day, reader Rachel Lee shared a sweet photo of her husband cradling their newborn son for the first time.



“He's been a great partner to me for almost four years and he’s been the best dad for a year and a half,” Lee writes. “He always puts our son above everything else and any day they spend together is a great day!”



Check out how some of our readers enjoy spending their ideal Daddy and Me day.


The kids love when Daddy takes them down to the Fun Zone at the beach. Arcade games, ice cream cones and quality Daddy and kiddos time.”

—Christin A.


“The perfect Daddy and Me day would be taking the kids fishing.”

—Daniel B.


“Dad and son biking!”

—David M.


My son loves running errands and picnics in the park with daddy.”

—Joe J.


“Baseball games!”

‪Marcus B.


“Looking at birds together.”

‪Michael C.


“Going out to the park and throwing the football!”

‪Washington A.


“Working on projects as a family or fishing.”

‪Steve H.


“I like playing tennis and going for a bike ride with my dad.”

—‪Cathy B.


“My son and my husband like to look for frogs. They go to the parks and spend almost all day doing it.”

—‪Kelsey S.


“Anytime the whole family is together is a great day. The kids love their daddy, and I think he's pretty awesome, too!”

—‪Jeri E.


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