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Choose Kindness

November 29, 2016 4 min read

How are you changing the world?


Here at LooHoo, we’re dedicated to improving the health of families and the world, one wool dryer ball at a time.


Recently we asked readers to share their favorite random act of kindness. We were amazed at the overwhelming number of responses and the creative ways they spread joy.


Joslyn DeBoode and Becky Gillette like to pay it backwards. When they pull up to a coffee drive-thru they like to cover the driver behind them. Josie Fiorda makes the same gesture in hopes others will follow.


“I was in the drive-thru line at Tim Hortons one morning,” Josie says. “When I got to the window to pay I was told the person ahead of me paid for my order. I, in turn, paid for the person behind me. I hope it continued. It warmed my heart.”


Felicia Nelson believes a smile can go a long way. Lisa Weeks agrees.

“In one year I make at least 365 different people smile for different reasons,” Felicia says. “If everyone did this we would live in a different world.”

Check out more great ways readers—and people they encounter—are making the world a better place.


Helping Others

“Paying for someone's groceries when they couldn't afford them.”

—Nancy Murillo


“I knit a gratitude hat for the receptionist at my doctor’s office. Someone that perhaps doesn't get thanked often enough for always being cheerful and kind.”

—Amy Spahr


“I try to have a few coffee shop gift cards to hand out whenever I see friends or strangers who could use a treat.”

—Ami Tah


“We were walking into a store and a woman in front of me was stumbling with her items and dropped cash on the floor and walked away. I quickly grabbed the money and ran to give it to her. Not everyone is honest and she was very grateful because it was a decent amount of money.”

—Melissa Pathroff-Bierman


“Taking my puppy to visit mom at the nursing home had an unexpected love shown from the other residents and even staff members.”

—Barbara Mayes


“I had a friend who used to pass out hula hoops, just because. One day, we received one. There really is no way to feel bad when you've just been given a hoop. You have to hula! So I started passing out hula hoops to my friends and strangers, too. It's like handing someone a free-smile card!”

—Andee Fischer


“One time at a train station a single mother was trying to navigate with her small child in a stroller. She saw the stairs and sighed, looking at her daughter and all their luggage. I offered to watch the girl while the mom took her luggage in and came back with her hands free to get her daughter up the stairs.”

—Alyssa Tillett


“I took blankets to some elderly ladies and a jacket we had at the house. Also helped them clean up the yard because it's not only good exercise for my son but more importantly it shows him how to help others.”

—Alisha Gordon


“I'm making artwork with inspirational quotes to give to chemo patients. I've been there and I know how tough it is. I hope to inspire them.”

—Elizabeth Schoch


“When out running errands I try to entertain little kids, especially when the mom looks frazzled.”

—Valerie Wells Kuta


Others Helping

“Many years ago, when money was scarce, three friends brought wrapped Christmas gifts to put under our tree from ‘Santa.’ Without their kind, generous hearts, our children's hearts would have been very heavy on Christmas morning. We try to pass it forward as often as we can.”

—Wendy Graham

“A single mom at my church had just lost her only son. She sent me a letter saying she knows how hard it is to be a single mom and to use the money she was sending to buy something just for myself. I was blown away by her kindness in her time of need. Still gives me chills to think about.”

—Sarah Hayes


“When I used I serve, I had a gentleman anonymously pay for a nursing home group's meal. The nurses cried tears of thankfulness and joy when I told them what the man did. It was inspiring.”

—Brittany Kruchan


“My daughter is working with her Peer Mentoring Group at school to make surprise gift bags for the local Sheriff's Department. I'm so proud of her and of the whole group of kids. It was their idea.”

—Jeri Meadows


“My husband lost his job in September and hasn't been able to find another one so we were unable to continue paying the monthly tuition for my daughter’s Aikido classes. Her instructor is allowing her to continue without us paying.”

—Amanda Alvarado


“I asked friends on Facebook if they had any extra produce from trees they weren't going to use as I'm unwell and trying to eat healthy. I suddenly got people showing up at my house with bags and bags of produce. I was—and am—very touched.”

—Melissa Louise


“Someone gave me a whole box of maternity clothes when I was pregnant. It was such a blessing since I didn't really have any and couldn't spend the money on much.”

—Lacey Neuman Bissonnette


“I was at a thrift store this year, buying my daughter some school supplies and a few back-to-school clothes. A young mom (like myself) came up and paid my tab. It was so sweet.”

—Bree Brandes-Courtney


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