Get Your Fitness On

September 27, 2016 2 min read

Get Your Fitness On

If nothing else, our Facebook friends are up for an exercise challenge.


Toni Perkins, Ami Tah and Heather D’Antonio Walborn are among the many who practice yoga, while Jennifer Duran and Sarah Frank get their kicks in Zumba class.

Young moms like Ash Ley and Stephanie Sangatanan have little time to hit the gym but still stay fit by chasing around their kids. Others look to daily chores.

“After working a 55-hour-plus work week my exercise is running errands, grocery shopping, taking my mother shopping and then cleaning the house and any yard work,” says Kimberly Watson.

Check out the other ways LooHoo Wool Dryer Ball followers enjoy their favorite workout.              



“So much dance. And cycling.”

—Andee Fischer


“I use the elliptical 30 minutes a day.”

—Amanda Saltsman


“I love weightlifting.”

—Sarah Hayes


“Water workout at the local pool.”

—Carole Dube


“A seven-minute workout app, perfect for busy moms like me.”

—Karin Bachrodt Reemts


“I love playing DDR [Dance Dance Revolution]. I haven't played in forever, but I really want to get back into it.”

—Christine Kangas


“I love the POPSUGAR fitness videos because they are so easy to squeeze in at home.”

—Jen Eiserman


“We haven't started yet, but will soon be trying T25 workout [DVD series].”

—Veronica Iris




—Noelle McLaughlin


“Burst exercises. I feel like I get a lot done in just a few minutes.”

—Stephanie Schneider


“I really want to try Banghara [cardio fitness routine].”

—Andrea Workman


“I love PiYo [combination of Pilates and yoga]. I started doing it about a year ago and it was great.”

—Kelsey Staples




—Nicole Sender


“Walking ...walking...walking...early in the morning where I can see the sun rise and animals in nature.”

—Kerri Blackwelder


“Rock climbing when I can get it.”

—Jenn L. Bullock


“I fell in love with paddleboarding.”

—Nicole Wilson-Chin


“Participating in a running group has been great for me. The group aspect creates accountability, which is essential to success for me.”

—Audrey Propst Glatz



“Walking with baby in a carrier.”

—Anna Lee


“My son and I recently took up backpacking.”

—Catherine Bedford


“Babywearing. Carrying around my 25-pound girl all day long is my workout.”

—Holly Terry Boland


“I love dancing with my kiddos.”

—Candy Renee



“Swing dance class. It's fun.”

—Rainn Kenyon


“Power Pump at the YMCA.”

—Jen Thames



—Allison Frederick

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