Holidays are Here!

November 22, 2022 2 min read

Holidays are Here!

A few months ago, my sister gifted me a drawer organizer that changed my life. I got rid of the bulky cardboard boxes and tidied up my plastic storage bags. Then I was given a similar wooden box for foil, plastic and wax paper fitted with a slide blade that makes tearing off sheets a cinch.


That got me thinking: If these organizers make me this happy, why not share the joy? And since it’s gift-giving season, I decided to see what other fabulous finds are out there to make life easier.



For the Kitchen

Bamboo storage organizers have slots for plastic snack, sandwich, quart and gallon bags and fit any size drawer. The bags are easy to pull out and cardboard containers are eliminated. Some storage organizers are devoted just to rolls of foil, plastic and wax paper easily cut with a sliding blade. Or combine the two needs with a large tray that includes slots for both the rolls and bags.


For the Office

My desk is stacked with paper—receipts, lists, notes, you name it. So I decided it’s time to get these items off of my desk and into the drawers with the help of decorative file folders. Many designs are pretty enough to look at every day, especially when standing to the side in a caddy.


For the Bedroom

No matter how many socks I have, they’re not enough. Every time I go to collect a pair in my top drawer, they’re missing. They always seem to be hiding in between clothes or in another drawer. What I do seem to find is the sole sock without its mate. Whether it’s cardboard or fabric, foldable, adjustable or collapsible, dresser organizers keep socks tidy and together.



For the Bathroom

Decorative ladders help get towels off the floor and hung up to dry in style. Complement any décor with the myriad of wood and metal choices. Freestanding and wall-mounted options help fit any space.


For the Car

If you’re on the go and like to bring along a beverage, removable cup coasters are a wonderful find. Made of sturdy ceramic that absorbs water and are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, coasters keep cup holders clean and moisture free.

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