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Inspiration Among Us

July 28, 2021 3 min read

Inspiration Among Us

When we started LooHoo more than a decade ago, I was looking for more than a working business model. I wanted to see change.


For me, that change started in the laundry.


Since I was doing so many loads with a newborn at the time, I did some research and focused on dryer balls. Rather than buy bulk oversees, I chose to source wool locally and support the American sheep farming industry.


In addition, LooHoo educates others through monthly blog posts. We’ve committed to planting a tree for every LooHoo pack purchased and to date have helped plant over 500 seedlings. This year, we switched to treeless paper and plastic-free packaging.


I’m inspired by the many others who have a similar goal: to make the world a better place. Through LooHoo, I’ve met wonderful small business owners who have shared their owns stories. I am lucky to call them companions on this pursuit of a bigger mission.


Bartlett’s Farm

Nantucket, MA

A trip to Bartlett’s Farm is anything but a chore. On this historic family business, established in 1843, you’ll find 30-plus acres of certified organic vegetable and flower fields, a garden center and market. You’ll also discover delicious recipes, inspiration for creating your own outdoor spaces and products that are all-natural and regionally produced.


The Bartlett family is invested in the future of their community and I admire that. Their commitment to reduce waste and consumption of non-renewable resources includes utilizing biodegradable packaging and promoting and participating in recycling and water and energy conservation.


Need more proof? Bartlett’s Farm houses the largest solar project on Nantucket, providing the equivalency of enough clean, renewable energy for more than 7 percent of the island’s households.


GoGo Refill

Portland, Maine

GoGo Refill found us when they opened a couple of years ago and we’ve had a great partnership ever since. I love learning about new brands and new reusable products when I visit their shop.


I’m hooked on their impressive array of low-waste products and mission. More than 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year and owner Laura Marston wants to see that change.


Bring in your reusable container for bath and body products and they’ll fill ’em up. Reusables include food bags, cups and containers, cloth wipes and more that are not only functionable but pretty. GoGo Refill sells through their brick-and-mortar store and online, but what I really love is that they supply refills for local hotels.



Biddeford and Portland, Maine

I had seen Suger at fairs and trade shows and really admired their beautiful, comfy clothes and thoughtfully designed pieces. I was thrilled when they wanted to carry LooHoos in their stores.


After nearly two decades in New York City, clothing designer Roxi Suger relocated to Maine in 2013 and she hasn’t slowed down since.


She opened her business in a historic mill in Biddeford, using plant-based fabrics to create soft and breathable dresses, jackets, tops, leggings and more. Today, she has two boutiques and sells her Angelrox collection online and through a handful of retailers throughout the country.


Roxi supports her community with this same zest through monetary donations to dozens of charities, from public schools, museums and veterans to grieving children, young mothers and food justice advocates.


So tell us: What’s your favorite business with a mission?

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