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Making Memories That Last a Lifetime

December 14, 2021 2 min read

Making Memories That Last a Lifetime

By Catherine Risling


This truly is a wonderful time of the year. The tree is up and trimmed. Holiday greetings have been mailed. Gifts are wrapped and tagged. The elf is on the shelf.


Attention has shifted from shopping to sharing the warmth of the season. 


There may be less gatherings as we continue to make our way through the pandemic, but we take time to connect with neighbors and soon we’ll be stopping by with a gift in hand. This year our kids will be crafting pinecone bird feeders with peanut butter, bird seed and a sprinkling of glitter—they’re just adorable and so easy to make. 


Friends are also on our gift list. Our kids chose hot cocoa, which we paired with snowman-decorated marshmallows, chocolate spoons and a small container of crushed peppermint candy. It’s a simple gesture to let friends know they are loved.


We support our community by shopping local and volunteering at a food distribution center. This year especially, we’ve seen the number of families passing through nearly double in the last few months. We’re reminded that not everyone has enough food on their table and the least we can do is fill their trunks with a week’s worth of groceries. 


As a family, we enjoy yearly traditions that include baking and frosting plenty of cookies. We watch “Elf” and laugh at the same parts every time, snuggling together on the couch with plenty of blankets. At least a night or two we take a stroll through neighborhoods illuminated with twinkling lights and the holiday spirit.


Our hearts are filled with gratitude because we are happy, healthy and best of all, we are together—a favorite tradition that never gets old.


So tell us: What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Celebrate the Holidays with 10 Random Acts of Kindness

1. Shovel snow from a neighbor’s walkway.
2. Ask a friend or neighbor to go for a walk.
3. Surprise a friend or relative with a homemade dish.
4. Buy a box of candy canes and give them to people you meet.
5. Make holiday cards and deliver them to a local nursing home.
6. Leave a surprise treat and bottled water for your mail carrier.
7. Take cookies to your local fire station along with a “thank you” note.
8. Tell a former teacher or coach how they made a difference in your life.
9. Hide notes with compliments around the house for family members to find.
10. Call your uncle, godmother, cousin or anyone else you love “just to say hi.”


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