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Modeling Behavior

June 23, 2021 3 min read

Modeling Behavior

Please and thank you. Time that really matters. Protecting the environment. 


These core principles help shape my thoughts, words and actions in a world that sometimes forgets how to relate to one another.


I value kindness in words and actions because it helps me connect with people. I value my free time and how I choose to spend it. And I value our planet and take steps to protect its future so that my son’s world is a better place. Here’s why:


Valuing Kindness

When our son was a baby, I remember trying to open doors into a store while carrying the car seat. It was such a struggle sometimes. I was so grateful for the extra help when a passerby would hold open the door. 


I love when someone extends an act of courtesy, especially when that someone is a child. When our son’s friends come over, those with manners stand out. Those are the peers I want for my son. 


I live in a small town and I think kindness is especially important in a smaller community. It makes you feel more connected. Saying hello or giving a friendly smile to a stranger is very important to me.


Kindness starts in the home. If our children see us look strangers in the eyes and smile, they will too. If we respond where help or compassion is needed, so will our children. And these children, in turn, will grow into kind adults.


Being respectful to yourself and others is something I emphasize to our son, Graham, a lot—respect your body and your things. I think it shows consideration to the world around you and helps you be empathic. It also acts as a reminder that our actions and words are powerful.


Valuing Spare Time

As a small business owner, I have become adamant about limiting work to Monday through Friday the last couple of years. When I would work on weekends, I was taking time away from my family and letting household chores slide. I wouldn’t do things just for fun or spend time on hobbies. 


Now that summer is almost here, I love being outside and in the garden. Weeding is very mediative. On the weekends I enjoy getting lost in sewing projects, trying new recipes and reading the New York Times. This helps me recharge and rejuvenate before heading back to work on Monday. 


Time with others is tremendously important especially since I work alone. Going for walks with friends during the week and heading to the YMCA to exercise and connect with my community is essential. Family is also very important to me. I’ve missed time with extended family due to the pandemic, but it was a time where my husband, son and I grew really close. 


Valuing Mother Earth

I have long been guided by environmental responsibility. The Earth is our home so we should care for it and protect it the way we take care of our own homes.


My family recycles and composts, tries to purchase and consume less, and reuses and repairs instead of replacing. We buy less plastic and opt for earth-friendly, natural alternatives for bar soaps, shampoos and other items. We eat local, buy local.


At LooHoo, we are encouraging others to act responsibly, to help the environment by removing harsh chemicals from the laundry. Values can be contagious—practice them even when you think no one is watching because some days, someone just may be.


“We often talk of saving the planet, but the truth is that we must do these things to save ourselves. With or without us, the wild will return.” 

 David Attenborough

A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future



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