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July 26, 2016 2 min read

Retailer Spotlight: Healthy Touch Essentials

Several years ago mother-of-two Lori Snyder noticed her younger daughter had eczema. She did what any good parent would do: She consulted a doctor, who wanted to treat her with medication.


Absolutely not, Lori says, “I was not going to put my 2-year-old on steroids.”


So Lori started looking for a natural solution to her medical dilemma. She discovered oatmeal’s healing properties for dry, irritated skin. She created a soap to treat the eczema—and it worked.


Lori was no stranger to all-natural cleansers. In the commercial cleaning business the last 18 years, Lori had created her own organic all-purpose cleaner. That’s led to an all-natural detergent, perfume, lotion and deodorant line.



In 2004, Lori launched Healthy Touch Essentials. The store is based out of her Bethel, Pennsylvania home, though 40 percent of her business is wholesale to Med spas, salons and organic stores and boutiques.


Lori says she is especially proud of her trademarked Amazing Acne Soap, tea tree-based bars and a foam cleanser and spot treatment. The products are kid-approved (ask Lori’s older daughter!), and parents who don’t want to use dermatologist-recommended medicine have natural, affordable alternatives.


The oatmeal spice soap Lori initially developed remains one of her bestsellers. She has products that help with other skin issues like psoriasis and rosacea.


Healthy Touch Essentials recently launched a natural anti-aging line of soaps, creams and lotions. The Pink Himalayan Facial Scrub is also new.


“I never planned to have a company like this one has grown into,” says Lori, who reports a steady increase in business the last 12 years. “It’s really taken off. A lot more people are trying to get away from chemicals and are looking for natural products.”


That’s how she came across LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls. A customer inquired about natural fabric softener. Lori started looking at what was on the market and came across the environmentally friendly LooHoos, a natural fit with the laundry soap she carries.


“I first used them at home and loved them,” Lori says. “I add essential oils and throw the balls in the dryer.”


Lori continues to research natural healing properties to incorporate into her organic skincare line. It’s been a gratifying journey, she says.


“I love what I do,” says Lori. “It’s so exciting to see my customers get excited about the products I make myself. I wanted to create something healthy for my family and now other families can enjoy them.”

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