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Self Care Series: How I Keep Perspective

February 14, 2017 2 min read

Self Care Series: How I Keep Perspective
It’s 7 a.m. and my son is ready for school. At least he thinks he is.


Almost daily, I find myself intervening my son’s wardrobe decisions. He tries to wear shorts as much as possible even when it’s 25 degrees outside. At age 7, he’s a West Coast boy at heart living an East Coast life.


The morning is a whirlwind of negotiating breakfast choices. Most times we settle on our go-to favorite: oatmeal and a green smoothie. We review after-school activities and quickly brush teeth before Graham heads out the door—hopefully on time.


After the school bus leaves and my husband kisses me goodbye, I take a deep breath.


A new day has begun.


I saunter into the kitchen, wash the last of the breakfast dishes and finish my coffee. I plug in the diffuser and enjoy the slow release of a natural scent. Lately it’s been Northern Lights Black Spruce. I find it creates an incredibly calming atmosphere.


Before I delve into starting my work day I take a moment to sit and soak in my very quiet house. I meditate 10 to 15 minutes then spend some time writing in my journal. On paper I explore challenges I may be facing and the future I hope to create. I reflect on life’s gifts when I’m not feeling particularly thankful. I write about a loss weighing me down. I make lists.


From there I flit from one room to the next, checking off the day’s duties. Inevitably I end up putting a load of laundry in.


Truth be told, I enjoy the solitary confinement of the laundry room; the feeling of great accomplishment seeing piles of soiled clothing reborn and put away; the satisfaction I get from cleaning and the fresh scents that abound.


I have come to embrace my morning rituals. They help give me perspective. I choose to embrace the day rather than let it envelop me. I aim to keep everything in its place and take a natural approach whenever I can. It allows me to feel good about myself, my family and the environment.


This perspective helps me conquer the day, every day.


3 Responses

Eric (dad)
Eric (dad)

February 17, 2017

Need a couple bucks to get that boys haircut


February 14, 2017

If only I could have a sliver of your calmness and peace. My unsettled mind won’t allow it.
And I LOVE that picture of Graham!

Lihla Noori
Lihla Noori

February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day my friend;) thank you for the inspiration:)

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