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What makes your staycations fun or unique?

August 23, 2016 2 min read

What makes your staycations fun or unique?

Staycations are the new vacations.


No planes or trains, no long car rides. We can enjoy quiet time at home or explore what’s in our own community. Best of all, they’re affordable.



Recently we asked LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls Facebook friends about their staycations.



“What makes them fun is that we don't have to go far or spend lots of money to have fun and enjoy each other’s company,” says Lesleeane Chavez. “We can do it right here at home.”


While Bethany Lewis Spencer enjoys camping in her backyard or living room with her family, Lacey Neuman Bissonnette and her brood take one day to live like tourists in their town.


What other Facebook friends enjoy doing on their staycations:


“Taking my kids to the park, pool, beach or picnics make my staycation fun-filled.”

—Jasmine M.


“We don't drive or have a car so lots of staycationing here! Not to worry we have loads of toys outside, a beautiful garden to work on, beautiful green grass and nature trails to bike on.”

—Amy T.


“We like to go on lots of long walks. My 7-month-old daughter loves them!”

—Katherine G.


“Crafting, new adventures with cooking or baking, organizing, donating, parks, splash pads, mall, movies.”

—Christine D.


“On our staycation we go through our house and take unneeded items and donate to charity.”

—Heather S.


“Staycations always let us catch up on projects we otherwise might never get to.”

—Audrey P.


“My family went on a mini vacation to the lake nearby. We went with my in laws and my husband's grandparents and our kids. Three generations all together!”

—Brittany K.


“We take the kids to their favorite places that we usually only get to once a year, like Crayola, Hershey's Chocolate World and maybe to a beach not too far away. We try to involve different things so we aren't just at one place for an entire week.”

—Melissa P.


“We spend more time doing crafts.”

—Laura B.


“We just had our annual staycation! We go to a local resort, splurge on room service and live in the pools!”

—Karin B.


“We try to incorporate things we would do away from home, i.e. we go out back and have a fire pit visit where we roast wieners and marshmallows, we walk trails locally and try to educate ourselves about something we didn’t know previously.”

—Darcy P.


“We go to the county fair.”

—Aimee P.


“We like to get the tourist experience in our city and try the restaurants we haven't yet and take the kids on little adventures around town.”

—Thomasina A.


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