Summer Uncovered

July 17, 2020 2 min read

Summer Uncovered

By Catherine Risling


Family trip to the Dominican Republic? Cancelled.


Little Mermaid dance recital? Postponed indefinitely.


Outdoor nature camp? Mask required.


For many of us, it’s easy to focus on what we can’t do this summer that it can overshadow what we can do. Luckily, there are plenty of options.


Our kids may not be able to dive into the local public pool, take in a movie or visit an amusement park, but we all can go outside. We are able to play and create and, most importantly, be together. If there’s anything we’ve been reminded of during Covid-19, it’s that health matters.


Check out these great ideas for whiling away your lazy days of summer. Because in no time at all, the kids will be back to school, however it may look.



What’s summer without a swim? Many lakes, rivers and oceans remain open, which is great. But what if waterways aren’t your thing or there’s no access? Host a good old-fashioned water balloon fight (reusable water balls exist!) or fill up buckets of water and load up your super soakers. Then call over the neighbor kids. You may opt to remain 6 feet apart but you can still engage in a friendly competition of water games.



Introduce your kiddos to the art of relaxation with a small container garden project. All you need is a bucket or other container (be sure to drill holes at the bottom for drainage), potting soil and seeds. Or, replant a few different succulents—they’re incredibly resilient and make a beautiful display for indoors and out.


Cooking Classes

From healthy eating to metric measurements to maneuvering around the heart of the home, cooking is a great way to spend time together and introduce children to valuable life skills. Choose an age-appropriate recipe and start at the very beginning—shopping at your local farmer’s market. Then hit the kitchen to whip up a traditional family meal or favorite dessert.



Backyard Workouts

Kids love to role play. Outline a few parameters and have your children create an exercise routine for the whole family. Sit ups on the grass, squats around the yard and a makeshift obstacle course are a few cardio-centric workouts that will get the heart rate up and the family out of the house.


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