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Taking Time Out

September 20, 2021 2 min read

Taking Time Out

This time of year, I am typically a bit apprehensive and excited. It takes effort and patience to adjust to all the news of my son’s school and whatever the fall brings. It’s also the start of the year’s busiest work season for both my husband and me. 


Just after Labor Day, I would have just returned after a long homecoming weekend with family in Canada and started to feverishly prepare for weekly shows in the New England area. I’d be reevaluating goals and strategy going into the holidays. This is the time to set in motion plans to finish the year strong and connect with the LooHoo team so that everything (including me) will be well supported.



Last fall, Graham returned to in-person learning. Even though there were endless extra precautions and later start times, school was regular and consistent for the most part and he—and I—were thankful. All of LooHoo’s trade shows were cancelled, which allowed me to focus on updating our website and online sales. The YMCA shuttered so my weekly indoor fitness classes were replaced with at-home exercise. Our family stuck close to home and visited with neighbors outside. 


Despite the ongoing pandemic, some normalcy has returned. Graham is back into his daily routine—up early to get ready for school and pack his lunch. He’s participating in extracurricular activities starting with cross country while swim team begins next month. My classes have returned at the Y so I’m teaching weekly. 



This year, in particular, I’m committed to my self-care schedule of regular massages, acupuncture and weekly epsom salt baths. I will remain diligent about working out regularly, eating whole foods, drinking plenty of water and getting rest and plenty of sleep. I will continue early morning walks, which I’ve come to realize are an essential part of stabilizing my day. There will still be no work on weekends; rather, I’ll stay focused on, and connected to, my family. 


If anything the last 18 month has taught me, it’s the power of positivity, fortitude and resiliency. While the coronavirus continues to have a hold on our lives, it’s also given us the gift to slow down and enjoy the world around us. And for that, I am grateful. 

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