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What's your favorite mom memory while growing up?

May 12, 2017 2 min read

What's your favorite mom memory while growing up?

My favorite mom memory while growing up was watching her in the kitchen. It seems like she was always cooking or baking something delicious. I think that’s why I love to be in the kitchen—the gratification of making meals for my family.


I’m not alone. Many of our LooHoo readers fondly remember time in front of the stove with their mom. Still, others went hot air ballooning, feeding ducks and searching for meteors with their mom.


Both Diana H. and Amanda A. remember the great hugs their moms gave, while Caroline R. and Aimee P's mentioned how their moms would brush their hair when they were young. Kelly H's favorite memory is shopping for an outfit with her mom to wear on her first date.


From curling up in bed together after a bad day to camping vacations every summer, it seems time is the greatest gift a mother can give her children. Check out more treasured memories of moms across the country.


Culinary Delights

“I remember my very first corn dog with my mom. She took me to the roller skating rink and brought over corn dogs from the concession stand... it was amazing and I think of her every time I have one.”

- Heather H.

“She always made whatever we wanted for our birthday cakes.”

- Beth R.

“Baking Christmas cookies and decorating the tree. It's something we still do together.”

- Meredith M.


Homemade from the Heart

“My mom made a doll for me when I was a little girl. I loved it so much.”

- Mei L.

“My mom used to make my dresses for me when I was little. I'll never forget first grade and an A-line corduroy smock dress with a pencil embroidered down the front that I loved.”

- Margot C.

“One of my favorite memories was the Halloween where she whipped up two great costumes for my sister and I with old household items and clothes in one afternoon. We loved them!”

‪Tracey H.


Small Gestures

“My favorite mom memory was her putting notes in my lunch bags.”

‪Amberleah H.

“Bringing me blueberries still on the bushes so I could pick them off.”

‪Susan S.


Lending an Ear

“My mom always listened—always. She listened over dinner, over lunch, over household chores. She taught me I have a voice and it has worthy things to say.”

‪Joy S.

“Whenever any of her kids were having a bad day Mom would take us out for a pop to talk about it. I do that now with my kids.”

‪Melissa B.

“Sitting in the kitchen with her while she was making supper. We talked about anything and everything.”

‪Bernice M.


Music Connection

“I went to the Cher concert with my mom. Cher is our favorite performer.”

‪Janet A.

“Favorite memory with Mom was dancing in the living room to Michael Jackson’sRock with You. All four of us kids and her.”

‪Vela C.


Valuable Lessons

“Teaching me how to cook when I was a kid so I could take care of my family.”

—Andrea W.

“Mom teaching us to swim. She was a lifeguard in the ’50s.”

‪Jennifer E.


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