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Our son, Graham, will be starting 6th grade in the next two weeks. He is excited to join his classmates where they will attend their classes onsite at the school. We're excited he will be around his friends and learning from his favorite teachers in a safe environment, but like so many of you, we are anxious about how the next few weeks and months will go.


I am grateful that our LooHoo community is a space where we can support each other! I would love to start a conversation with you to share our collective thoughts, ideas, and tips around the new school reality, home routines, maintaining healthy spaces, creating balance, and whatever else is on your mind! I'll be actively participating in this ongoing conversation!


Please join this conversation by sharing your thoughts below.

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Richard (Rick) Frantz
Richard (Rick) Frantz

October 15, 2020

Live on Great Diamond Island (sort of a “practice island” compared to mid coast and DownEast islands) and first heard about and literally heard you on Commercial Currents. Placed an order and are so pleased are now giving as gifts. Proud to support a fellow islander. Much success and will try to promote you and Loohoo as best I can. Thanks and stay safe in these strange times.


September 08, 2020

Hi! Thanks for creating this thoughtful space for community engagement! :)
I’m relocating a large table under a window and creating a dedicated work space for my daughter’s online days. (Our district is doing a hybrid 2 days in school/ 3 days remote to divide the classes for distance). After last spring I recognize that our kitchen table is not the right place to have her do school work, and hope she will find it a restful spot to work in our little house.
Also, I’ve tried to encourage her to take an activity break between “classes” and to take a walk or bike ride after the school day is over. However, all she wants to do is be online with friends. I’ve struggled with the balance- developmentally (going into 8th grade) this is normal and she has always been very social. With the pandemic keeping us distanced from other families and without school in session it’s been really hard for her not to be with friends much. I think it’s unhealthy to be online for hours though, so we have a 2 hour phone time limit and she can earn a bit more time if she does other activities. However, many of her friends are online whenever they want to be, sometimes sending her messages after 10-11pm, when her phone is retired to the kitchen and she is in bed, and her father (we are divorced) gives her access 24/7 when she’s there, and bought the darn thing which until the pandemic I really didn’t think she needed at all. The limit in our home feels appropriate, but she is constantly badgering me about the phone and how little she gets to be on it. Has anyone else struggled with this balance or have suggestions to alleviate her feelings of isolation? Your thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Stay safe everyone.

Corinne D
Corinne D

September 04, 2020

I love the dryer balls so much! I was worried that my laundry wouldn’t be softened the same way as I was used to, but all the stories are true! Everything dries faster with Loo Hoo dryer balls and is super soft afterwards! Love them! Couldn’t be happier.

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