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Wishful Thinking

June 27, 2016 2 min read

Wishful Thinking

Let’s face it: We do not live in a perfect world.

We add to landfills. Some of us still spray with pesticides while others can’t let go of fabric softener. Most of us agree that our home just isn’t green enough.


Many of our Facebook friends clearly feel the same way. From replacing chemical cleaners with natural alternatives to bringing in more plants to installing solar panels, our friends shared what they’d like to do to create a healthier home.


“I would get rid of our carpet and do a hardwood option.”
—Jessica L.


“Start making my own cleaning and personal hygiene products. I wish I had a clothes line and could add more air-cleaning plants.”
—Deborah Anne


“Install filtering screens so you could get fresh air in your house without all the pollen and dust.”
—Valerie W.


“Start using natural cleaning products and find natural bug barriers.”
—Cassie H.


“Clean our vents.”
—Sean S.


“Change all of our mattresses to green mattresses.”
—Noreen L.


“Find a natural alternative to pesticides for the creepy crawlies in our home.”
—Audrey P.


“I'd love to start composting.”
—Kait W.


“Cut down on some of our food waste. We end up throwing a lot away and it kills me every time I clean out the fridge.”
—Jen E.


“I would have solar panels on my home if I could afford it. They are awesome green energy!”
—Heather S.


“I would replace all windows with ones with huge ledges where I could plant veggies and herbs all year round.”
—Kitsa T.


“Cut out fabric softener sheets.”
—Nicole A.


“Use more reusable items.”
—Martha Tracey S.


“We are currently getting rid of all juices and pops! Only water from now on!”
—Katherine G.


“I have stopped using harsh chemical to clean with. We use vinegar, lemons and baking soda for a lot of the daily cleaning.”
—Amanda G.


“Switch to organic fabrics.”
—Katie K.


“Get a new HVAC system with allergen filtration.”
—Holly Terry B.


 “We'd grow our own food and have a couple of chickens for fresh eggs.”
—Amanda A.


“Have more windows that opened to let in more air.”

—Felicia N.

“A healthier home for me would be better hair and body products.”
—Rebecca P.


“Eating healthier foods like fruits and vegetables and not spending too much time with electronics or TV.”
—Kim M.


“I wish I could cut meat and consume more organic but hubby is hard to change.”
—Aurora PL


“I would try to get my teenagers to stop eating so much junk food but I doubt it will happen.”

—Catherine B.


“Create on ongoing vacuum to suck up all the dust (I live on a farm next to a dirt road).”
—Rhonda A.


“I would like a green house so I could grow veggies all year round.”
—Aimee P.


“Add an air purifier to control odors, chemical vapors and pollutants in our home.” —Eniko G.


Leave a comment below to share what would you change to create a healthier home?

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Jill Hanson
Jill Hanson

June 29, 2016

a whole home water purification system that doesn’t waste water to purify it.

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